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With the holidays coming now is a great time to review your finances.

As 3/4 of the year has already cruised by you may have added cell phone plans, changed cable and internet subscriptions, and signed up for trial offers (which automatically turned into pay subscriptions).

It is a good habit to look at your bills and inspect them for ways to save money. Call your services and see if you can take advantage of new promotional offers or remove services that you are no longer using. Common bills to find new savings on are cell phones, cable TV, internet service, home phone, streaming video services, and any other online subscriptions you may have.

I changed some of my cable services with Comcast and saved a significant amount of money. I had one extra modem in the house that was costing $10 a month to just sit there unused so I finally took it to Comcast in Boulder to stop the bleeding. $10 is $10 and well worth the drive.

I canceled a couple insurance policies I no longer needed and saved $60 a month. Lastly I changed one of my online subscriptions and saved nearly $100 a month. So after reviewing all my bills I am saving over $200 a month now which felt great and can be allocated to other things more deserved.

Its time!

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