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House with Red Door

Estate lots & million dollar homes oh my!

At this phase in your life it's ok to want something pretty. Pretty Fabulous that is. I have been side by side with clients during the construction process for over 25 homes. Some simple, and others custom, and one thing I have learned along the way, is finding a good builder is key. I have the relationships with the builders you need to know. Some with estate lots already snapped up and through the city planning. That means you can be in that beautiful home sooner than you thought. Want to live near the amazing Chautauqua Park? I know of a builder about ready to start an amazing work of art there! Please connect with me and I can help start the conversation. 


Chris McGrath 

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Choose happiness 

Whether you own the lot or need one, I have high end custom builders ready to build your dream home in Boulder, and Boulder County. If we are talking $3,000,000 and up I can get you connected with some of Boulders best builders. I cannot wait to hear about your dream home! Net zero? Not a problem. Views? No problem. Let's talk over lunch and then get started building your amazing dream home. Like I have said before, those wanting to live in Boulder can live about anywhere in the world. Don't settle for a home that won't make you happy. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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