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People Persons & Real Estate

In a time where we communicate online all day, there is still a lot of value in working with a people person when it comes to selling your home. There are days at my job when I don't even talk to a person face to face or even on the phone (minus my co-workers) and I'm supposed to be in face to face meetings daily. It's just what has happened as a result of the all the technology we have. I recently went to have my car smog checked in Boulder and I was dreading "the sit." "The sit" is when you exit your car and enter that booth where you watch the workers mess with your car and drive it on a moving wheel while a fan blows over the front. In this cube of a space I call the booth, is where you find out how lonely our society can be because of our phones, ipads etc... Not this day, oh no I was going to have a conversation with everyone in the booth whether they liked it or not. Good thing most of the people inside of my booth were seniors and they were not on their phones. They seemed surprised someone wanted to talk to them but once the conversation door was open we had a lot of fun. Talked about who at one time in their life owned the oldest car (winner a 55 Chevy) and just how wonderful life can be if we pay attention and live in the moment. One man and I talked about his soon to be on the market million dollar Boulder home. He didn't give me a timeline but said he and his wife will sell so they could move closer to the grand-kids in Denver.

My point to all this is when you are selling your home wouldn't it make since to work with a local agent that is having conversations in the local community? Would said agent be out there talking about regular things in life and also occasionally bring up that they are a real estate professional? And if the right conversation is being had wouldn't your home that is for sale be brought up? I know and understand real estate professionals are regular people and they are not always going to be talking about real estate. But when the conversation steers that way, it's good to know they are the one listing your home and telling another local person all about it. Statistically I would have to guess that occupation is one of the top ten things brought up in a conversation with someone new.

Well there you go. List locally and with an agent that has people skills and your home will be the talk of the town.

Sending you all my best,


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