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More Energy!

In the book "Think And Grow Rich" there is much talk on energy and how humans can communicate in a variety of ways outside using their voice. Being around those who want to be successful, make efforts daily and have the energy will help inspire you accomplish your goals too. Not only do I enjoy being around high energy people, I am making efforts to be one myself. I have sent a few emails to clients explaining I have set an outrageous financial goal for myself. Using the tools discovered in the book Think And Grow Rich mixed with faith, along with linking arms with co-workers and clients, I have discovered the secret to being successful. Sure I have been successful before reading this book and I give thanks all time to those who have helped me succeed. I'm talking next level success which is the kind of success that is not always attainable by just anyone.

The reason for the sunflower photo is to get your mind wrapped around energy. I have tried for years to grow a "mammoth sunflower" and this year it's finally come to fruition. I have two mammoths growing next to each other and one is nearly 12 feet tall. Many others I planted in the yard from the same seed pack are half this size and I am not 100% sure why these two are so huge. Could it be they are growing right next to some sort of power box half buried in my back yard by a utility company? I have no clue if that is the variable but is it possible being close to some higher energy source is causing these two sunflowers to grow beyond their fellow nearby plants?

So here is my challenge to you. Read the book Think And Grow Rich, use it's powerful tools and be sure to include me in your mastermind group. I

have that energy and it's always my personal goal to help see that your business thrives. I told my wife a year ago and it stands true today. I would rather help my current clients get 25% more of the market share than have to add 25% additional clients.

How can I help you? All that we do today ensures how how the rest of the year will go, so lets close out 2020 like a lion and up your market share!

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