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What's going into 105 N Public Rd?

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Anyone else get excited about seeing all the new and exciting things happening in Old Town Lafayette. The sidewalk enhancement from Geneseo st south on the East side of Public known as the Public Road Front Porch Streetscape Construction Project is coming along. Overall I am loving the Lafayette Downtown Vision as seen in the link provided here.

So back to 105 N Public Rd. As we remember for the longest time this was "Up In Smoke"

shop and recently has been sitting vacant. I remember seeing a post by the owner Margie and Andre DeBakker on Facebook opening dialogue with the community on what we'd like to see in there. There were many great ideas including a coffee shop and a used book store but something far more interesting is going in. It just so happens that there is some activity happening now and I have met the new (soon to be occupants) at the last Lafayette Art Night Out. Yes I am stalling on telling you what is going in there but here is "the skinny." I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Carr and Rob Morrow who are far more then "pie aficionados." They told me about their business Tip Top Savory Pies and their vision of creating a pie culture and community. Christine said: "Pie is a lifestyle in New Zealand- you meet at the local pie shop, grab a pie and go for a hike. We want to recreate that here on North Public Road." Spending time with Christine and Rob was great and while they told me about their business I was getting so excited to try all their pies. I even went home after meeting them for the first time and told my wife about all the creations (pies) we'll be trying soon! Yes they will have a "new to Lafayette" product line but they are also very fun and genuine people. Rob and I got to know one another and the conversation just flowed seamlessly. I can tell he is a man of many talents. Christine and I had a chance to also talk and when I got home I felt pretty privileged to have just met such an amazing artist (Chef.) Needless to say I plan on being one of the first customers when the door open and I can't wait to see the transformation of this building.

One new business to Old Town named Thalken has really brought a lot of enthusiasm in town and on social media. I regularly see shoppers going in and out and many people posing for photos outside the store. When in the store be prepared for such scents as apple cider brewing and unique candles for sale. Your eyes will pop when you see their selection of jewelry made by Hana at prices anyone can afford. It's not just jewelry so if you are looking for that perfect gift be sure to drop in and see all the fun items they have. I personally need one of their mugs with store dog Max (1 small dog) on it hand drawn by her hubby. "You Are Beautiful" is one of their mantras so I will end this blog with a little story from this weekend:

As I drive home Sunday there is a pile of stuff in a yard off W Geneseo st and I see a "free" sign; I pick up a copy of "Wild Fruits" by Thoreau that looks old and peaceful. He writes about many things including the season fall and the smell/taste/love of apples. On page 75 he states "Let the most beautiful or the swiftest have it. That should be the "going" price of apples."

Get out there today and be the most beautiful or the swiftest and get your apple - whatever that is. Be your own number one fan!


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