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Ongoing Reuben Sandwich Search

For those that know me also know that I will travel great distances for yummy food. Recently while in Nebraska visiting family I missed the regular business hours for an Eileen's Cookie and I was rather disappointed. Happened over a holiday weekend and they were closed the following day. Uggg! On a more local level I found a Reuben sandwich that has measured up to one of the best I've eaten in a long time. It's no secret that Old Town Louisville has some great restaurants and one of my favorites is 740 Front. Yes that is the address and the name of this wonderful establishment. Although it's been years ago, I remem-ber very clearly a prized Reuben I ate in a restaurant in Fort Lupton Colorado. My sandwich at 740 Front yesterday was as good if not better so I am excited my search for a local Reuben can finally end. I no longer have to order the Reuben at every restaurant just to see if it's "that good." Now I can just go to 740 Front and be satisfied! Of course their menu has other great options and the weekend brunch here is terrific too. I also love ambiance, architecture, and history so the building itself made my dining experience that much better.

I'm lucky to work downtown so I can walk from my building to most restaurants but for those driving to Old Town there is good news. In July the city changed 74 parking spaces to two hour parking spots including many in the library parking garage. Yes there is a parking garage and it has an elevator. Therefore more parking should be constantly opening up making it easier to park closer to your favorite places. Don't let a parking place keep you from 740 Front though as it's an experience you'll be happy with. I had the opportunity to speak with Fred Burns the "Proprietor" and based on our conversation I can tell he's someone who really enjoys quality food. Who better to own a restaurant then someone with: An extensive successful restaurant ownership background, a passion for high quality delicious food, and a love for transforming an old building into a work of art.

What reminded me to eat here again was this wonderful YouTube video most of you probably saw on the Original OhOh27 on Facebook. "The Parting Glass" by Face Vocal Band filmed at 740 Front!

I don't expect anyone to drive to Nebraska for an Eileen's Cookie (there is one in Greeley) but I would recommend getting a Reuben at 740 Front knowing you'll leave fully satisfied. Heck order anything on the menu and be sure to bring the kids because they do have a kids menu.

TO RECAP: I love sharing where to find good local food, there is more parking in Old Town Louisville, and I suggest going the extra mile for what tastes good!

Dine out often my friends and remember to sign up (its free) so you don't miss my local blogs.


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