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Local Professionals Care About You

As I met with my financial adviser recently he was talking to us about disability insurance and he mentioned statistically women go to the Doctor more and my wife laughed. She laughed because she seldom goes to the Doctor and I go often for check ups and general wellness questions/concerns. It made me think about how much my health has improved though my engagement with local medical and health professionals.

Allow me to brag on a few of my favorite local medical and health professionals.

Dr. Matt Reddy is the owner of Reddy Natural Medicine is a Registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and is a member of the Louisville Chamber morning leads group. In today's presentation Dr Matt educated us on how toxins are moved through the body and dealt with by our systems. His presentation was more fun and educational then I can describe here. Per his website Dr. Matt takes the time to help his patients find the cause of symptoms and guides them in a way to resolve them. His weekly interactions with our group is that of someone who cares and is highly educated. I appreciate being in the leads group with Dr. Matt and look forward to his presentations because I always learn so much.

June Kahn is the owner of Center Your Body Pilates and also attends the Louisville Chamber morning leads group. June can brighten any room and is such a joy to be around. I strongly encourage anyone wanting to "get moving" on their overall physical fitness to meet June and inquire about Pilates. On her website June is quoted as saying: "When I found Pilates, something beautiful happened.  It continues to allow me to remain youthful and active and continue to do what I love:  Teach and inspire the world to move. I hope you will join me in your quest for a healthier and more youthful you!"

Blaine Wilkes is the owner of Yoga Hive Colorado and has recently joined the Louisville Chamber morning leads group. During her recent presentation we took the time to enjoy some relaxing scents while pausing life for a moment and learned to meditate. Recently in my own life I have discovered the incredible life changing experience of Yoga. It's changed my overall health and wellness more then I would have ever imagined. on my tour of The Yoga Hive on Front street in Louisville during the recent Louisville Business Crawl, I was able to see Blaine's beautiful studio first hand. She explained aerial yoga, kids yoga, cycle yoga, barre classes and traditional yoga which are all available at Yoga Hive Colorado. Blaine is someone that can teach you how to take those stresses in your day out of your head and allow you to relax which we all need.

Lastly I want to introduce Dr. Scott Vander Weit who owns Compass Chiropractic and he also a member of the Louisville Chamber morning leads group. I personally see Dr. Scott and he has improved my overall health and wellness significantly. I can personally attest as his website states that he "takes the time to listen, he is compassionate, and will take care of you like you are a member of his own family. " Dr. Scott has told us in his presentations how important Chiropractic care is for the body and his client base is vast.

If you would like me to feature your business on this website please contact me I am happy to get to know you. Remember to consider listing locally!

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