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Listing Locally, Blah Who Cares?

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Ouch what a heading and yes we should care about listing locally. I wanted to blog about local heros as part of my end of the year commitment to all things "supporting local." Writing this blog was inspired by a local real estate company buying 500 pies from a local Louisville restaurant for their November customer appreciation event. WOW I was very inspired to see all those pies and happy clients walking out with their pie.

Without naming names I wanted to mentioned just a few amazing local companies and agents that are making a difference in our community. One agent has contributed to a great cause which has protected police dogs by donating to Vested Interest in K9's. "Their mission is to provide bullet and stab protective vests and other assistance to dogs of law enforcement'"

Certainly time is not overlooked and so many local agents worked hard to make local events run smoothly. Whether is was checking ID's at the Louisville Friday Night Street Fair celebrations, setting up the Annual Louisville Turkey Trot, providing a float/entertainment in local parades, handing out candy at the downtown Halloween costume walk and so much more.

Enjoying all the events is easy to do in our wonderful towns but it takes a lot of manpower and sponsors to make them successful.

This winter my family (and the community) were invited to pick out free pumpkins at a local real estate office, ride on a horse-drawn carriage in Lafayette at a real estate agents home, and had complimentary photos with Santa while eating treats at a local real estate office. All these events contribute to the local economy and are great public relations efforts which enhance local businesses.

As for large donations how can I not mention how important it is to have major sponsors for the Lafayette Art Night Out, The WOW Children's Museum and other important local staples?

What about the little things we don't even think about like being part of various city boards and being the MC for summer concert in the park? Local real estate professionals are also spending personal time standing up to protect property rights regarding local city council issues.

I know most of the financial and time contributions I've written about are not typically brought up because it's mutually beneficial. Another reason I'm not naming names is because some of the contributions are purely philanthropic and those companies/individuals are not looking for press. Local agents are a big part of the glue that makes our community great so please keep them in mind when going to make a buying and selling decision.

Thank you to all the local real estate companies and professionals for making 2018 a great year. Each month I see another example of how money and time is spent locally helping local businesses thrive. I can tell already 2019 is going to be amazing!

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