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Lafayette Farmers Market Boulder Beef

My wife came home with a huge hunk of meat from the Lafayette Farmers Market recently and said one of the neighbors said it was a great price. It was a Chuck Roast from "Boulder Beef" and I usually buy their ground beef for hamburgers and they have delicious meat. The only problem with this chuck roast is my wife and I have never prepared a roast before. My mom made roasts all my life but I never learned to make them. My wife's mother also made a lot of roasts and she too never learned. Heck I don't even have the oven pan with a lid that my mom always used so it's time to google how to make a roast using a crock pot.

See my video below on my success! Also see Jen at Boulder Beef this Thursday the 27th at the Lafayette Farmers Market for some amazing beef or call her at 303-870-6162 and get yourself some.

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