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It's more than just a coffee!

A friend on Facebook sent out a powerful post that was very similar and about her small business. She was saying that buying a product from her is more than just buying a sweatshirt but it's supporting her as a mom wanting to help her family put food on the table. The message has stuck with me and I wanted to pass on a similar message about our local community.

Let me start by saying this: "Buying a coffee at a local coffee shop is more than just satisfying your daily need for caffeine." The money spent on that coffee is keeping the small town feel, a small town feel. If there is no Vic's, Moxy, Precision Pours, Bittersweet, Pauls and other small businesses, then there is no Old Town Louisville. You don't have to look far to discover why East Boulder County is so often seen as one of the most desirable places to live. When I have meetings more South East from here it's not at a small specialty coffee shop with homemade pastries. No, no it's at a corporate chain (which I have no problem with) but it's just not the same for me. Not hating on corporate big boys and here is a past blog to prove that. You are probably wondering where this is all going and I will get there real soon so hang tight.

Take a long look at the before and after photos from East Simpson Street and Public Road in Lafayette over the last 7-10 years. We need local businesses in business for these two streets to continue looking they way they look. In order for small businesses to survive we also need to spend money at those businesses. Moving to Old Town Lafayette in 2010 I could tell much of the neighborhood was in need of a re-vamp. Thankfully it still has character and has modern conveniences keeping both sides of the issue happy.

A powerful way to keep a significant amount of money in our local communities is to support local real estate professionals. Many of my blogs talk in great detail about how local real estate professionals are helping keep the events in our towns running. So many of the events are not only attended by local real estate professionals, but donations of time and money are also being given. Not to mention many of these same people are shopping local, paying local taxes and doing their best to make our communities great.

I get to see it first hand that many local properties have been successfully sold by local agents. Properties from the most affordable to the most expensive are being sold locally by those people we lock arms with within our community. So when its time to sell a property I personally would consider working with a real estate professional in the community. The facts tell us many are getting the job done and they are more than competent.

I always encourage consumers to use the real estate professionals they know and trust including referrals from friends and family members. So in some cases an agent might be coming from an area away from the immediate local sphere. If they are competent, know the local market, and have the access to the correct MLS systems then why not? But if a consumer is merely shopping on-line and finds a real estate professional they do not know on the internet. And said person is coming a great distance to list their home then wouldn't it make since to rethink the selection?

I hope this message isn't coming off too strongly but at the same time I hope when it's time to sell a property we consider contacting those around us first.

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