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Big & Little

I'm guilty! I shop at the big dogs from time to time but whenever I can I'll spend my hard earned money at local businesses. Yes I'm at King Soopers everyday and occasionally buy my dog food from a large company that is "up the hill" (hwy 7) but I really do try and shop local. For pet food and supplies due to proximity I go to The Happy Beast and Jacks Pet Place on Public. For my furnace filter I went to Jax on South Boulder Road this weekend and recently really went overboard for a plumbing fixture and shopped at George T Sanders Company in Louisville. Don't hate me for my lunch cravings but today I was heading to Taco Bell but at the last minute stopped at Santiagos for my taco fix.

I'm sure there is a sleuth out there that could tell me how many small local businesses are not really local or maybe they are big box in disguise; but they are here in our community and I'm willing to give them a whirl.

Heck when my boys and I were at Jax this weekend they were out of my size of filter on the shelf, so the employee went back to see if they had one in the back and they did. And I didn't have to wait an hour for her to search a warehouse. That is an experience worth writing about. After Jax and on our way home we stopped in at Lafayette Florist to see the fish and turtles they have swimming around and I wasn't planning on buying anything. But we wandered into the flower cooler and ended up with a pretty little $6 boutique for my wife. All wrapped up and everything. Score!

This is a short read today but I want to encourage you all to take a second look at where you are about to shop and make a quick turn (use your blinker) and try a local place. They will love that you visited and the service you receive will probably ensure you return.

Go little today.


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