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Housing, go big or stay small?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Homes in Old Town Lafayette are not always the biggest homes in the city. Yes there are exceptions and yes there are those that have already been added onto but for the most part many of Old Town's homes aren't huge. Its all relative but they seem dwarfed especially if you are comparing them to some of the big homes going up in the new subdivisions. I visited one new home site and while going through the show homes I had two pretty raw emotions: One was a feeling of being overwhelmed because I was not used to the size and beauty of the home; secondly I felt like crying because it just seemed so nice and I could imagine myself taking a bath in the master bathroom in peace. Oh and fitting in the bathtub because it's the appropriate size for me.

So yes I am slightly complaining about the size of my little home and some of its inconveniences. I know, I know I should feel lucky to be a home owner in Old Town and I very much feel blessed everyday. Full circle back to the filling of this blog. Find contentment! I had lunch recently with a friend and his family and his wife told us she was content. Wow I thought that must feel good to be content. In a day and age when there is always a need for more and more to feel content must just feel great.

After living in Old Town Lafayette for 8 years and near Old Town Louisville for 2 years before that I wonder "can I truly live in a new sub-division?" I have been telling people about the idea of living in a big home away from our high "walking score" and I'm actually getting more conversations about how big homes create disconnection within the family. And all the things we have been apart of because of proximity will be tapered back. I mean will I really drive 5 miles to go to the Lafayette Farmers Market every week that I currently just walk to? Will I still see Bill and Leslie once or twice a week at East Simpson Street Coffee once I am no longer living 3 blocks away? Do I need all that community or will I be happy sitting in my big bath in my big home away from everything? I'm hearing from others who lend me their ear (sorry strangers for blathering on) that in the big homes the kids start to migrate to their rooms and are seen much less. Some days that sounds ok but for the most part having interaction with the kids is big for the whole family. Do I really want my kids just hiding out somewhere in this big home slowly losing touch with the family dynamic? Sounds kinda scary to me. Don't get too caught up in that last sentence because I know it's about mom and dad (or the parents) bringing everyone together, but this is what I am hearing.

So I guess this is a little bit of a pros and cons list for staying in Old Town and I've had more supporting "staying small" then "going big." I do think I would miss my detached garage and large back yard with privacy if I moved to a new cookie cutter neighborhood. I like to mow the yard and BBQ with no shirt on and if I lived in the new house I'd be right there waving at the new neighbor in all my shirtless-ness. I guess it's only 5 lawn laps of mowing so maybe they would never see me since they too are probably enjoying the inside largehoused-ness. And maybe I don't need to BBQ outside anymore since the kitchen is probably so high tech that I can watch the baseball game on the refrigerator while making dinner.

I won't miss using all our yearly tax refund improving the old house, I won't miss trying to relax while being all curled up in the one and only tiny bathtub, I won't miss having to hand water all the different landscaping we are always buying to replace the "Old Town bind weed."

I would miss riding my bicycle in peace up and down the Old Town streets at night (see photos below) when all the cars go away, I would miss all the amazing families who are also living in small houses and enjoying Old Town's continued improvement, I would miss seeing a home get remodeled and re-purposed into something great, and I would miss being able to just walk to Eats and Sweets, Stam, Santiagos and many other shops for my much deserved local flavor.

Ha I don't know what to do so please give me some feedback and your opinion on this matter. Go Big or Stay Small?

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