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Alley Access

I am one of the lucky ones in Louisville to have my office back to an amazing alley. The alley behind my office is known as Via Artista and I regularly get to meet other great people on breaks from work and pedestrians out for a stroll. When I need a little pick me up I walk out back and see who is out and about. My Via Artista visits have been good for a few things: 1) My business as I'm able to tell people what I do for a living when I see them out. 2) Good for my health and wellness as I usually then start a quick walk around the block 3) Good for the local economy because I will often buy something (usually a yummy snack) from a nearby shop before returning to work.

Via Artista alley per Lauren Blankenship in the Executive Summery (link to the left) states "beautification efforts through the Louisville Arts District have already begun along the primary commercial alley in Downtown Louisville known as Via Artista. Two murals and way finding signage have been incorporated into the alley parallel to the Main street." My take on that, some allies in East Boulder County can be a great place to meet new people, enter local shops and see some pretty cool art. I love when the restaurant Community in Lafayette changes it's wall in the alley with new street art. Many residence owners in old town Lafayette have participated in having their alley structures painted by artists making the alley more eccentric and fun to roam.

The Alley behind my house in Lafayette features my basketball hoop, some light artwork and a place I get to meet up with my neighbors from time to time. Last night I met some new neighbors that just moved in down the alley which was unexpected and nice. My kids and I regularly are in the garage with alley access wandering into the alley enjoying the weekend and making stuff.

Get out there this weekend and see whats in your local alley and start your search for some cool art, interesting people or maybe just burn some calories. Go outside the box and what the heck meet a neighbor or two.


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