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Stroll & Scroll

Scrolling through my phone I see a lot of photos I took from local events here in East Boulder County. Without any prompting from anyone I thought it would be interesting to see who has donated time and money to the local events. Google time!

What prompted this was when I met a new friend at LuLu's BBQ last week and then saw him again with his wife at the Lafayette Art Night Out. We discussed the sheer volume of people at Lafayette's Art Night Out and the likeliness that they were from Lafayette or close by. I reviewed a few of the local events on-line and saw a lot of local people and companies sponsoring these events. Wow what a great community to come together and make it possible for East Boulder County to have such great events.

I bring this philanthropy up because it takes all of us to make this community what it is. Each time we as a community support a local business that same business hopefully makes positive decisions on donating time or resources to a local cause when able. I pulled up the WOW Children's Museum of Lafayette's 2017 Annual report and there were about one hundred volunteers mentioned and so many financial donors too. How beautiful to see a community come together to support a Children's Museum.

So what do you say, is it possible to work with a local real estate professional when buying or selling real estate? I didn't want to name names but many local real estate professionals are not only shopping locally, but also donating time and resources to make sure events in our area continue. Do your homework and link arms with those making a difference and being a part of what makes living here great.

On a side note one local contractor and his wife are making a big difference in Old Town Lafayette one house at a time. Recently a beloved neighbor passed away and his home was recently remodeled and is now on the market. The home was perfect for it's previous owner but needed a little TLC. After being bought and remodeled including fresh landscaping the home is ready for it's new owners. Welcomed also is how it's increased the property values around it without taking it's scale to the max.

Send me positive local news I'm happy to consider blogging about it here.

Below are photos from local events: Lafayette's last Art Night Out of 2018 and this weekends Flight at Night Lantern Walk at Waneka Lake.

Go find something amazing today even if it's the petals on the smallest flower.


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