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Lafayette Art Night Out The Experience

This past Friday, June 13th I ventured up the street with the family to Lafayette's Art Night Out. I am a little superstitious and typically I don't try and overdo it on a Friday the 13th. We haven't been up to enjoy Art Night Out this year so we were due, and I was willing to overcome my superstition for some family fun. We parked our bikes at Tangerine along the fence and started our way to the excitement. With three small kids and a time budget (bedtime) we knew where we had to go first before the line became too long. EATS AND SWEETS! Nothing better then getting a "bambino" ice cream for the kids for about one dollar and something delicious for mom and dad. I like the banana bread ice cream sandwich and my wife likes the amazing brownies. Let me just say I pretty much like anything there including their food.

Now that we all have our "sweet treats" it's outside we go to listen to the live music by "Hindsight Classic Rock." I ask another dad standing outside Eats and sweets if the song being played was by Jethro Tull and he didn't know. I close my eyes and imagine Ian Anderson (from Jethro Tull) playing the flute on one leg despite there not being a flute playing. Back to reality... We hang there until the ice creams are all consumed and now it's time to visit the vendors traveling south down Public Road.

Talking to the various vendors is always fun and there was a new tent I haven't seen before. It's an artist tent and she has taken paintings from the thrift store and added some special surprises. Dinosaurs and Big Foots were added to beautiful scenic mountain paintings and they were only $40. They were hilarious and affordable and better yet she offered the kids a free dino toy for visiting.

We visit the tent hosted by The Little Herbal Apothecary and I enjoy a few free smells and contemplate buying some beard spray. Moving on we see Brett from Due South and they always have the most fun items but we didn't stay long because it appears we are on a mission now. We need to get to the end of the block to see the acrobats.

At the end of the blocked street we find the flying acrobats doing tricks to the music and drawing a huge crowd. My daughter is loving all the dancing and high flying excitement. Seeing fellow neighbors and friends the boys settle in with their dinosaurs and we park for awhile enjoying the company of others. While watching the high flying acrobats and having one eye on the kids I'm relaxing, and being thankful I didn't stay home on this Friday the 13th.

Some time passes and we decide it's time to go home so we slowly start walking back toward Tangerine. We see more friends and neighbors so we stop and chat a little along the way back. The pizza looked so good everyone was carrying around from one of the food trucks but we already ate dinner so no pizza for us. We decided to grab two freshly warmed pretzels with cheese sauce right before our exit and we didn't regret our decision.

After a few hours at Art Night Out we came out only spending a little money and having a lot of fun. We made it home before dark and the kids went right to sleep. All in all a win for a local walk. As my wife and I sit down we both look at each other and say, "I want pizza!" There is always next month...

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