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Guest Blogger Jessica Felton sets the stage in 2019!

I was reading my email this morning and came across this powerful message from the President of the Louisville Chamber, Jessica Felton. Having spent most of my day yesterday in North Denver her words were so inspirational and really spoke to me. My old boss told me over 10 years ago: "Christopher people that are buying homes in this area could live anywhere in the world and they chose here." Living and working in such a great place takes all of us working together as a community. So with that said here is Jessica's message to the Louisville Chamber membership and now it's a message for all of you.

Cheers to a new year and to fresh new opportunities! A year to achieve, collaborate, grow and nurture our thriving business community. It is my sincere honor to serve as your President of the Louisville Chamber of Commerce and I am very excited to kick this year off with engaged momentum. Just the other day I took a drive down Cherry St. and took pause at an intersection a few seconds longer than necessary. In those moments, I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude and clarity around the beauty that is our town. How did we get so lucky!? I am so very proud to have served this community over the last 5 years and can think of no other town that I would rather be so rooted and committed to. With that, it is my sincere hope that we will seek to serve one another this year and continue to inject our commerce, patronage, revenue and growth into our beautiful community.
Through our chamber, we create a culture of opportunity to enrich your relationships through our network. Thus providing an upward step toward empowering and advancing yourselves, one another, your businesses and your professions. We become enriched through the passionate contribution of your time, work, ingenuity and ideals. We will support you by providing a platform to convey and embolden your voice. Our partnership through investing in one another gives us a unique advantage to achieve mutual success, of which, I have seen time and time again in this wonderful town. Simply translated, throughout the year, numerous well planned events are laid out as a means to get involved and engage with business owners, centers of influence, potential and existing clients as well as market yourself and your business. I very much look forward to meeting more of our members this year at our monthly and annual events. Intentional visibility for you and your business, what a great enhancement to the overall return on investment for your membership!
Very Sincerely,
Your 2019 Louisville Chamber President, Jessica Felton

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