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Who's Who in the OhOh for custom made Girls clothes? Etta Mae that's who!


Apr 12, 2023

I bet you didn't know with the supply chain drain the local dress makers are in high demand

Selling locally in person and on-line is no easy task when it comes to kids clothes. Those who make their kids clothes, or clothes for others, will be the first to admit going to the big brand stores is in many cases cheaper. But will you get a custom made dress that has all the bells and whistles? Um no, at least not at $25 or less you won't. And even at $50 the options are limited.

Recently I spoke to a local shop that repairs sewing machines and the repair person admitted most dress makers she knows are enjoying a hobby and if they break even on the material they are happy. To put it another way, by the time one buys the materials, the pattern and everything else that goes into making the dress, that cost is nearly what the dress maker is charging. So the labor to build the dress, which takes hours and hours for that perfect piece, is not being covered in the sales price. How many other business owners would be ok with that business model?

Next time you find yourself talking to a dressmaker about that perfect Easter dress, Birthday dress, Holiday dress, Photo day dress, or just something to make your little one feel pretty; just know you are probably getting it at cost. Even if it is $50 to $80. Bless you Brittany, Founder and Operator of Etta Mae, I can tell by your amazing dresses are made with love, care and artistry.

If you want to know more about Etta Mae's 2022 clothing line click HERE for the link to her Instagram


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