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We can anchor change from here to Uganda. Wisely's Child Care Ministries Uganda is making a difference


Mar 20, 2023

I love all things local but sometimes a bottle is cast into the ocean and washes up thousands of miles away.

I first met Wisley by chance. In a world where everything is a metric, measured and sometimes to the millimeter sometimes a seed is planted in an unexpected place. Water rains down and before you know it there is something amazing coming up.

Wisley is making a difference in the lives of children across the world in Uganda and I am just learning of his works. As Americans we sometimes worry about the next big thing or will my friends give me many thumbs for my recent social media post. But in other countries much of the day can spent merely hoping and praying for relief from the hot sun. Or will they get to eat. But even through all that they smile and give thanks for all the blessings. So much so they are willing to reach out to strangers and ask that they too be blessed.

This is from Wisely himself: "Wisely's child care ministries we're under religious mission whereby we put God first before any other thing. Our Aim is to make sure that these kids are given care like those one's who have their parents in that they are given equal basic needs like food shelter medication and education. *I have fifty six kids in Numbers where by the thirty (30) are total orphans, ten (10)are with single parents then the sixteen (16) are from the poorest family who can't afford to cater for their families. *They range from three years to twelve years of age (3-12) *We don't have any partners yet who always funding us on a monthly basis. And the little support we have been using comes from friends who have got a good Heart of helping us. *We shall highly appreciate any donations Brother."

FOR DONATIONS AND SUPPORT:- Western Union to Muhindo wisely Country: uganda Worldremit (EITHER) sendwave to:- +256776065748 Muhindo wisely Uganda Nyendo (Address) Masaka city MTN mobile money

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