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To Kyle and Sabrina, life doesn't have to be filled with darkness


May 11, 2022

Saving the world one student at a time

Ahhh College. Brings back memories. Some good and some bad, but the world was somehow different back then. I had a pager and no social media and no one communicated by email quite yet. Today's college kids are living in a fast paced world where everything is digital and making friends isn't like it used to be. Not to mention the most recent two years wearing masks and learning virtually verses in person, which was hard for most of us.

Spending time comparing ourselves to those online is a huge waste of time in my opinion but it's happening 24 hours a day. Not just for college students but all age groups. I saw a funny cartoon in the New Yorker where a woman was telling a man: "You shouldn't waste time comparing yourself to people that are better than you." But online doesn't everyone's lives look more amazing? Photo filters so skin looks tighter or tanner, vacations, puppies, birthdays and other fun life events. Which leads to: "No one liked my post or my photo only got 15 likes." This is how some people are living and it can be consuming.

Living in the moment and not worrying about on-line status are principals anyone can live by and I know Kyle and Sabrina are familiar with the teachings of Jesus. So much of today's world is going against loving thy neighbor, honoring one's parents, and other basic principals taught in the Bible. When we forget some of those basics the world can become a scary place and as a result so many or our young people are depressed and in some cases suicidal. College can be a place to experiment with alcohol, drugs, relationships and making a mistake is easy to do. Many beat themselves up over and over for making a mistake or find themselves in a situation they don't know how to get out of.

Kyle and Sabrina are out as Campus Evangelists meeting with college students and illuminating the darkness some students are living in. How do I know? Because I get their monthly newsletters and each month and a student's declaration to Jesus is highlighted.

Thank you to Kyle and Sabrina for your heavenly work and I can't wait to see who you bring to Jesus next.

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