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We live in a special place, why not enjoy all there is to offer?

Type in Lafayette, Louisville onto an internet search engine and see what comes up. 1000's and 1000's of web sites all wanting you to click on them. How do you know this information is accurate, timely and who/what is this computer generated system that is "helping" you? Wait, that house you are looking at has already sold or was never even on the market! ​

IT'S TIME! Time to put all that internet bizz buzz behind you. Listing Locally is a place were we talk to local people and know local business owners so the news here is true and from a source you can trust. 

Be one with the community that embraces it's arms around you. Without our local businesses what would our little town really be? We couldn't walk down the street for that yummy ice cream and have conversation with friends and neighbors, or bike to the coffee shop for our daily cup of joe. Go for it! Be local, shop local, and enjoy all our community has to offers. 


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